About this Site

This site is dedicated to all those who loves to cook outdoors whether it be with a grill, smoker, deep fryer, cast iron, or just plain ole cooking over an open fire. To me there is no better enjoyment then eating something that has been cooked outdoors.

There are a ton of methods that are used for cooking food outside and this type of cooking goes back as far as mankind itself. Ever since man has found out that food was more tasty cooked then eaten raw cooking methods has evolved.

The flavor of food is by far enhanced by cooking it outside in the elements.The time that is spent with family and friends while cooking or grilling is priceless. Its a get together where everyone can share ideas and their own recipes.

Just as there are various cooking methods for food cooked outside, there are a number of cooking tools and apparatuses that are also used. The ways and methods that food can be cooked is endless.

The questions of cooking methods, made not have no correct answer to them. The answer is as simple as how do you like the way food is cooked? Everyone has their own opinion and ways of doing things which I guess makes it right for them.

One of the main questions when it comes to grilling is, is it charcoal or gas and which is better? The answer is in the person themselves, if they like charcoal then charcoal is right and if they like their food cooked on a gas grill then gas is right.

You cook it the way you want to cook it and it will be right.